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In this episode, Sean and Ronan finally chew over some big Essen 2016 names (Railroad Revolution, A Feast for Odin and Fabled Fruit) as well as looking as three more games they have been playing of late (The Grizzled, Jim Henson's: Labyrinth the Board Game and Valeria: Card Kingdoms).

They may have seemed more upbeat in recent shows but in this one they return to have a proper grumble. See what games escaped a good thrashing and what ones tok a beating.


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With Ronan lamenting at home, Sean and Natalie make a daring raid on Essen Spiel 2016 and in this episode they quickly run through their first day.

We have some news from the publishers display area with some games to keep your eyes open for and we have three mini reviews on the games we played on the first day. These are Lorenzo il Magnifico, Fabled Fruit and Zauberei hoch drei (Wizardry to the Power of Three).

Finally Sean and Natalie give their big wish and name the game that they will hunt down first at Spiel.

**Episode recorded in an Essen hotel room so please forgive any reduction on sound quality**
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This time around Sean is away on holiday and we are very lucky to have Mark Johnson join Ronan to discuss short games that have been Fails, Near Misses and Hits.

They mull over Colt Express, Hanabi, Augustus, Karuba, Las Vegas, Pandemic: The Cure, The Grizzled, Oh My Goods! and more...

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Hi everyone,
Yet again our equipment has failed and our promised two episodes (LoBstercon and Christmas Show) have run into problems,with the LoBstercon episode recording becoming corrupted leading to much gnashing of teeth and a fatal to the Christmas show.
Ronan is still working hard to recover the LoBstercon episode and we will have an end of year show where we look back over 2015 early in the new year.
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and although we had our sound issues and life did tend to get in the way, we hope that you have enjoyed the show.
Looking forward, in addition to the 2015 round up, we have new show formats up our sleeves including possible famous special guests.
Have a great holiday season and all the very best of luck in 2016
Ronan and Sean
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This is the first in the series of quick Essen 2015 field reports.
Sean goes through what he had played and what has caught his eye in the Spiel fair today.
We also have a quick appearance from regular contributor Natalie.
Ronan will be back tomorrow and remember we can be found on Friday evening at the Bredenay Hotel if you fancy a game or a chat.
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Unable to contain their excitement any longer Sean and Ronan lift the lid on twelve of the hottest upcoming releases at Spiel 2015 in Essen.

They have scoured the net high and low to garner as much information on the incoming games as they could and will let you know whether they think, prior to playtesting, the games are Treasure to be coveted or Traps to be avoided.
Running through their fingers this episode are Pandemic:Legacy, 7 Wonder Duel, Porta Nigra, Antarctica, Shakespeare, Dice City and half a dozen more.
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As Sean is unwell, Ronan hauls himself out of the pit and takes to the solo podcasting seas with a Pit Fight episode on games that can be played solo.

Thrown against each other in the show are Friday, Sylvion and Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

Which one will emerge victorious?


Also, Sean makes a brief appearance to tell us about a competition with The Dice Tower to win $50 to spend at Cool Stuff Inc.  Enter the competition by answering one of the two questions and then email us at - and marking the email 'Gen Con Competition' before the end of August.

The winner of our competition will be placed in a pot with winner from all over the Dice Tower Network and the person drawn from a hat will win $500 in Cool Stuff Inc vouchers.    Best of luck!!

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Happy New Year from The Game Pit

In the first episode of 2015 the boys pick over the bones of the latest four games to fall into the pit.

Discussed in this episode are Istanbul, Merkator, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Quartermaster General.

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Now that they have all had time to digest the 2014 Essen Spiel, Sean and Ronan are joined by Lloyd and Pouria to take a look back at all the games that crossed their paths during the games fair.

The episode starts with 12 games discussed before announcing each of their top 5 games from this years Essen adventure.

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Round two of the Essen previews as another ten games are looked over from afar and judged to be treasure or trap.

Discussed are Doodle City, Deus, Fields or Arle, Isaribi, AquaSphere, Evolution, Lord of the Ice Garden, Kings Pouch, Scheffeln and Royals.

The Game Pit is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network and you can also find us on


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