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Ronan reviews seven games in this episode. The titles covered are; Terracotta Army, Hamlet, Cat in the Box, Deities, Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai, Fun Facts and Town 66.


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Sean and Ronan continue their countdown of the greatest games of all time with twenty more all time bangers to fill your table. 

In this episode they introduce The Eeky Rating, Ronan finds himself in a lake of minestrone soup, Sean watches people confused by fish and when is a game surpassed but not actually surpassed.

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Ronan is here to ramble around his thoughts about our visit to Spiel 2022 and then give some initial opinions on seven new releases.

The games he licks this time are; Starship Captains, Kites, Flamecraft, Marvel Remix, Orichalcum, Donkey Valley and Joan of Arc: Draw and Write.

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Ronan returns with more ill informed opinions for a bit of fun. He takes a run at thirteen games releasing at Spiel 2022 this week and tries to predict whether they will be Treasures or Traps.

Games covered are; Swindler, Kites, Mosaic, Evergreen, The Great Split, Donkey Valley, Rankster, All Roads, Atiwa, Deities, Evora, Kingdom Defenders and Oneironauts.

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Sean and Ronan are here with their crystal balls to try and predict the future again. Just for fun they have cast their eyes over twenty new releases for this year's Spiel at Essen and they give their uninformed opinions on whether each game will be a Treasure, worth parting with your gold for, or a Trap, luring in the unwary.


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Ronan returns to regale you all with reviews of; Sniper Elite, Tabannusi, Welcome to the Moon, Imperium: Classics, Waste Knights 2nd Edition, Voyages, It's a Wonderful Kingdom, Cross Clues and Paleo.

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Matthew once again dives into The Pit, alongside Sean and Ronan he gives the lowdown on the best and worst of 2021 in board gaming.

To go with our Top 10s we also run through our Games of the Year, Biggest Disappointments, Under the Radar, Best Production and Best Reprints.

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Ronan returns to ruminate on seven games to lately grace The Pit.

Your victims this time around are; burncycle, Renature, Luna Capital, Babylonia, Silver & Gold, Scout and Messina 1347.

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Our countdown continues with twenty more incredible game (maybe nineteen) as Sean and Ronan give their picks from 80 to 71 in the definitive Game Pit Top 100 Games of All Time. for gaming goodness galore for all our latest shenanigans

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Ronan enters the pit this episode to referee a wrangle between seven two player games. They have been weighed, they have been measured but which ones have been found wanting and which ones are true von Leichtenstiens? Travelling through Europe disguised as Venus?

The contenders in this episode are; Golems, Jekyll vs Hyde, Opale, Radlands, So You've Been Eaten, The Field of the Cloth of Gold and Volfyirion.

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