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Our countdown of the bestydoodliest games of ever continues and the debate rages. Is chicken stealing ever ok? Did dwarves start the downfall of Western Civilisation? Can a party ever have too much aquasphere? Are trees legitimate torture devices?

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Ronan is here to mangle his way through four days of sleep deprivation and gaming at LoBsterCon XXII. There are a plethora of games covered including; Cryptid: Urban Legends, Mantis, Magnate, Quartermaster General, Barrage, Dead Reckoning, Beyond the Sun, MTV, Yedo Master Set, Dune Imperium: Rise of IX, Nova Luna and more...


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Sean and Ronan return to the pit and gnaw over some tricky customers this episode, hard to define and tough to rate.

The games covered this time are Brian Boru, Golem, Framework, Stroganov, Isle of Cats: Kittens & Beasts, Stardew Valley, Festival of 1k Cats and What Next?

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So we begin our first ever Top 100 Games of All Time with our numbers 100 - 91.

Running the gamut from shooting penguins, arguing whether vegetables or rocks are more annoying, are tiles worse than glass panels and is it legal for Sean to break people's hands? 

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Sean and Ronan return with a report from AireCon 2022, site of their annual gaming pilgrimage to Harrogate, Yorkshire each Spring.

First up is a rundown of the top nine games borrowed from the con library followed by their thoughts on ten games they played over the weekend.

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February 18, 2022

Episode 173 - Top 10 of 2012

Sean and Ronan take a look back ten years and give their definitive Top 10 Games first published in 2012. Only those games which have passed the test of time can make the cut.

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Ronan flies solo this time around and gives seven reviews of seven shorter games that have been hitting the table recently.

The game covered are; Watch, Dinosaur Island: Rawr'n'Write, Kim Joy's Magic Bakery, Photograph: Wind the Film, Cartographers: Heroes, Ten Suns and Genius Square.

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Sean and Ronan delve into The Pit once more and pick the bones of eight more modern board games to give you their opinions.

The games covered in this episode are; IKI, The Great Wall, Almadi, Furnace, Savannah Park, Dinosaur Qorld, Great Plains and Pier 18.

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Who knows why some men do mean things? Sean decided to kick off 2022 with a bang. Here are our Top 10 most overrated games of all time. Other opinions exist but they are probably wrong.

This was recorded back in November so apologies for dated references and out of date BGG rankings. 

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November 22, 2021

Episode 169 - Six Solos Sorted

Ronan gives a review of six solo games he has been delving into over the past few weeks. Ranking them from least to most favourite. 

The games covered are; Cartographers, EIYO, Nautilion, Solar Storm, Veilwraith and Warp's Edge.

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