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With the boys taking turns at being stricken, This time Ronan is unable to crawl into the pit.

However, fear ye not! Natalie has stepped into the breach and joined Sean to discuss the UK Games Expo 2019 and the games we played there.

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Sean and Ronan pillaged UK Games Expo 2018 and return to your ears with tales of fourteen of the games they played over the weekend plus mentions of many more they looked at, prodded and licked. 

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In the build up to the UK's largest board gaming convention Sean and Ronan run the ruler over twelve games releasing or demoing at the show and try to predict whether they are going to be gaming Treasures or Traps for the unwise. These are previews of games we, for the most part, have not yet played.

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Sean and Ronan give their first impressions of eighteen games they sampled over a long weekend in Birmingham at UK Games Expo 2017 as well as touching on other experiences they sampled.

This episode is less about full reviews and more to give an idea of the sort of games you can expect to see on a table near you soon. There is a definite emphasis on lighter and family games, the heavy stuff is coming soon.

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In this episode we take a look forward at the up and coming UK Games Expo and in particular 12 games that will either premiere or demo at the Expo.

The 12 games covered are just some of the many available to buy and play at the UKGE.

If you are attending the UKGE, Sean and Ronan will be there all three days and will be taking part in various Dice Tower events including working the Dice Tower Booth and playing a big game of Wits & Wagers. If you see us in our Game Pit t-shirts around the halls, please come and say hello.

UK Games Expo - Home page

One of the games featured in this episode (Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder) is currently seeking funding on KickStarter here:

The Game Pit are proud members of The Dice Tower Network

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