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With the format name, Pit Spit lingering to Sean's disgust the boys return to chat about games played, more Kickstarter shiny stuff and whatever else comes to mind.


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With Ronan banished, Natalie once again steps into the Pit to discuss three family game and three more involved games (and Sean's magnificent cooking).

Discussed today are Fireball Island: The Curse of Vulkar, My Little Scythe, Jungle Race, The Grimm Forest, Legendary Encounters: X-Files and Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden.

We also hear from the big man himself, James.


The Game Pit is a proud member of the Dice Tower Network.


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Reporting direct from Essen, Sean and Ronan give quick first impression reviews of six of the new releases they have been able to play so far. 

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Sean and Ronan pick apart twelve more upcoming releases from Spiel 2018 and give their opinions on whether they are diamonds fit for a King or hearts fit for the bin. Join them as they prepare for Spiel by checking rulebooks, watching videos and anticipating what will be hot in just a few days time.

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With Ronan off galavanting across Ireland, Sean is left alone in the Pit so he invited Natalie to do a Picking Over the Bones episode.

In the episode, they discuss some lighter/family games in the first half with Thanos Rising, Stuffed Fables and Outfoxed before stepping it up in the second part with Blackwood, Pioneers and Anachrony. Can they last the episode without filing for divorce?

The Game Pit is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network

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Breath a big sigh of releif, The Game Pit has finally laid down the law on the good, the bad and the ugly of 2017.

In the episode, the boys reveal their choices for:

  • Best production
  • Best Expanion
  • Most Overrated
  • Biggest Disappointments
  • and many more

They finish the episode by each listing their Top 10 of 2017

The Game Pit are proud members of The Dice Tower Network

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Finally the much anticipated (or dreaded) Episode 100 is here with famous guests, chats about how it all happened, a look back at our early shows, questions from listeners and a top 10 from 2013 (the year we started). Join us for the Episode 100 extravaganza!!

Apologies for the comically late arrival of this episode and thank you to everyone that has been with us at all on this jouney.


The Game Pit are proud members of The Dice Tower Network.


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We're back with a bumper Picking Over the Bones episode where we look at some of the latest big releases and have a prize draw for you.

The games covered are Fallout, Civilizations: New Dawn, A Column of Fire, Reworld, Empires of the Void 2 and Tulip Bubble.


Listen out in the middle of the show for a chance to win a copy of Coup (Brazilian art edition), donated by the Boardgame Guru -


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This episode sees Ronan and Sean pick over the bones of Bunny Kingdom, Ex Libris, Montana and three other games.

Also in the show, we call on all our listeners to send in questions so we can include them in our delayed and horribly out of sequence Episode 100. If you want to take part, please send your question to:

Finally we'd like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the very best of fortune in 2018!

The Game Pit is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network

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Ronan and Eleanor take a spin in the booth to cover nine Spiel 2017 releases in record time. Join them for their run through to find out if they uncovered treasures or got trapped at the table.

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