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Ronan is here to mangle his way through four days of sleep deprivation and gaming at LoBsterCon XXII. There are a plethora of games covered including; Cryptid: Urban Legends, Mantis, Magnate, Quartermaster General, Barrage, Dead Reckoning, Beyond the Sun, MTV, Yedo Master Set, Dune Imperium: Rise of IX, Nova Luna and more...


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Ronan drops a quickie to cover a few of the games he managed to play at LoBsterCon XXI this past weekend including K3, Legendary: Buffy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, TM: Ares Expedition, So Clover and more...


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With Sean nursing an ailing ear it is time for Pouria and Chris to step up and fill the big shoes left behind. 

The three of us recap eighteen games we played over the weekend at LoBsterCon XVII in Eastbourne. Covering games old and new, long and short. 

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Ronan is joined by Pouria to recap twenty one games they played in or around LoBsterCon XVI including the new, old, short and long. 

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This episode sees Ronan and Sean pick over the bones of Bunny Kingdom, Ex Libris, Montana and three other games.

Also in the show, we call on all our listeners to send in questions so we can include them in our delayed and horribly out of sequence Episode 100. If you want to take part, please send your question to:

Finally we'd like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the very best of fortune in 2018!

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It's once again time for Ronan and Sean to ramp up the excitement levels and head down to Eastbourne for the wonderful gaming weekend that is LoBsterCon.

In the episode we talk about 12 games we played at LoBsterCon XIII in quickfire reviews and have a brief chat in the Outro about things exciting us within the gaming world in the near future.

The Game Pit is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network.

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