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Sean and Ronan return to the pit and gnaw over some tricky customers this episode, hard to define and tough to rate.

The games covered this time are Brian Boru, Golem, Framework, Stroganov, Isle of Cats: Kittens & Beasts, Stardew Valley, Festival of 1k Cats and What Next?

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So we begin our first ever Top 100 Games of All Time with our numbers 100 - 91.

Running the gamut from shooting penguins, arguing whether vegetables or rocks are more annoying, are tiles worse than glass panels and is it legal for Sean to break people's hands? 

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February 18, 2022

Episode 173 - Top 10 of 2012

Sean and Ronan take a look back ten years and give their definitive Top 10 Games first published in 2012. Only those games which have passed the test of time can make the cut.

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Sean and Ronan delve into The Pit once more and pick the bones of eight more modern board games to give you their opinions.

The games covered in this episode are; IKI, The Great Wall, Almadi, Furnace, Savannah Park, Dinosaur Qorld, Great Plains and Pier 18.

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November 22, 2021

Episode 169 - Six Solos Sorted

Ronan gives a review of six solo games he has been delving into over the past few weeks. Ranking them from least to most favourite. 

The games covered are; Cartographers, EIYO, Nautilion, Solar Storm, Veilwraith and Warp's Edge.

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Ronan is back into solitary confinement, probably the best place for him. His rambling this time around cover Cryo, Embarcadero, Dominant Species: Marine, Faiyum, Pan-Am, Wish Land, Die of the Dead, Embers of Memory and Dean 'Sexy Beast' Morris.

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Apologies for the missing review of 2020, The Curse of Jude struck again.

Instead have some reviews covering; Detective: City of Angels, MicroMacro: Crime City, Marvel Champions: Rise of The Red Skull, Sprawlopolis, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Nations: The Dice Game, Isle of Cats expansion news and what is new to the collection.

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Back once again like a Renegade (not the publisher) Master, Ronan brings seven reviews to your ears as he catches up on his 2021 plays. 


Rolling and racing with Cubitos, fiddling with future gladiators in Fired Up!, putting nutritionalists in peril in Dead of Winter: The Long Night, sky diving in Bunny Kingdom, space invading with Under Falling Skies, sneaking and beaking in Tyrants of the Underdark and getting a headache while thinking too hard in Solarius Mission. 


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This time around Ronan is flying solo and reviews six games he has played in recent months; The Red Cathedral, Dune Imperium, Curious Cargo, Nidavellir, Aqualin and Champions of Midgard expansions. He also talks about recent additions to his collections and projects he has backed in Crowdfunding.


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As the title suggests Natalie is again lured into the Pit to reveal her all time top 20 games. 

Sean puts unnecessary pressure on himself by trying to predict what games she will choose and they briefly talk/argue about some Kickstarter projects.

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