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Six more games run the gauntlet within The Game Pit this episode. We cover the spectrum from ten minute fillers to three hour Waros as the rule is run over Time of Crisis, Shadowscape, Magic Maze, Amerigo, Aeon's End and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft. Which games delight, divide and disappoint?

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We are back with a revised format for this The Vault episode. We will as ever be putting one of the greatest games ever designed into the hallowed Vault but instead of Sean and Ronan nominating games we have Natalie with us. Natalia has chosen her Top 5 games of all time and it is our job to decide which of the nominees deserves to become only the 4th game allowed to enter. Listen to find out which game makes the cut.

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Sean and Ronan are back with six more board game reviews this time around. 

Going under the knife are Flatline, Ethnos, Pocket Mars, Caylus, First Class and The Football Game. 

Also featured is a review of A Dog's Life which is live on Kickstarter until 7th September 2017; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2138121641/a-dogs-life-game-be-a-canine-hero

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We're back with Ronan and Sean's latest instalment of their individual top 50 games ever.

As usual they are not in total agreement but see who you agree with, if either.


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Back to vigourously shake down the skeletons of six more games are Sean and Ronan. 

The featured review in the second half is This War of Mine. Before that we run the ruler over Century Spice Road, Superhot, Santo Domingo and The Lost Expedition.

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Adam is our Guest in The Pit as we take a look back at all of the gaming goodies we have enjoyed or otherwise from 2016.

We give you our Top 5 of the year, Most Disappointing, Best Presented, Best New to Us and much, much more...

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Sean and Ronan give their first impressions of eighteen games they sampled over a long weekend in Birmingham at UK Games Expo 2017 as well as touching on other experiences they sampled.

This episode is less about full reviews and more to give an idea of the sort of games you can expect to see on a table near you soon. There is a definite emphasis on lighter and family games, the heavy stuff is coming soon.

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In this episode we take a look forward at the up and coming UK Games Expo and in particular 12 games that will either premiere or demo at the Expo.

The 12 games covered are just some of the many available to buy and play at the UKGE.

If you are attending the UKGE, Sean and Ronan will be there all three days and will be taking part in various Dice Tower events including working the Dice Tower Booth and playing a big game of Wits & Wagers. If you see us in our Game Pit t-shirts around the halls, please come and say hello.

UK Games Expo - Home page

One of the games featured in this episode (Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder) is currently seeking funding on KickStarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746130610/ravage-dungeons-of-plunder-aint-no-heroes-here?ref=nav_search

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It's once again time for Ronan and Sean to ramp up the excitement levels and head down to Eastbourne for the wonderful gaming weekend that is LoBsterCon.

In the episode we talk about 12 games we played at LoBsterCon XIII in quickfire reviews and have a brief chat in the Outro about things exciting us within the gaming world in the near future.

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The countdown continues and after general agreement last time out, the boys are at odds over a few of the choices made here.

Who do you agree with? Let us know at thegamepitpodcast@gmail.com

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