The Game Pit Episode 18 - Picking Over the Bones

January 28th, 2014

In this episode Sean and Ronan pick over the bones of another batch of games. In the pit this time around are Zombicide, 1960, Glass Road and Dungeon Roll. 

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The Game Pit: Episode 17 - The Bumper End of Year Review

January 11th, 2014

In this episode Ronan and Sean are joined by a group of guests to discuss the best 2013 had to give in gaming.

The subjects discussed are the best releases in 2013, the best new to you game played last year, Sean and Ronan's 12 days of gaming and what everyone would have liked Gaming Santa to leave under the Christmas tree.

The guests are Pouria, Teri, Nathan, Natalie, Lloyd and Bonnie-Kate and we'd like to thank them all for their contributions.

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